Aesop Story Engine now has a dedicated site of its own!


Hosted Storytelling

Storytelling Experience

Create a photo narrative, or photo essay. Create an interactive story, with style. Each story has a story cover, and each cover can have a different design to showcase your beautiful cover images. You can switch to a different cover design, or even change the colors of the cover text.

Story Components

Write your story, then bring it to life with a suite of components built for storytelling. Engage your readers and craft a compelling story experience with just a click. Visit the demo story collection to see how these pieces play such integral roles in each story.

See a Demo

Free to Create

Within your personalized story portal, create a story, absolutely free. Invite other storytellers, illustrators, and photographers to help craft your story, and list them as contributors.

Storytelling Community

Get help from other storytellers, learn tips and tricks on writing your story, and get feedback from fellow storytellers within the community.

Become a Librarian

If you're interested in crafting unlimited stories, become a Librarian. Being a Librarian not only gives you unlimited stories, but also gives you the ability to sell your stories, a custom domain, and priority support.