The Release of Genji


A few chapters back, we posted a sneak peak of our upcoming WordPress theme for the Aesop Story Engine, called Genji. Well today, we’re super excited to announce that Genji is now available for purchase!

Here’s the deal. We wanted to keep this secret, but in lieu of recent events, and without spilling the beans completely, let’s just say, we’re working with Envato to make it super easy for you to find WordPress themes for Aesop on ThemeForest. But, when we originally submitted the theme to ThemeForest last week, those guys weren’t ready for us yet! Ackk!


So instead of making you guys wait longer, we’re releasing Genji now, through Nick Haskins & CO (just so happens to be the guy who built Aesop), and will release future themes on ThemeForest. It’s a total win for everyone involved, and we’re really exciting to be partnering with Nick on this! We are really excited to see you guys start creating your own stories, so fast-tracking the release of Genji just seemed to make sense.

Get Genji now!

What do you think of Genji? Sound off in the comments below. Also, feel free to post a comment showing off what you’ve done with Aesop Story Engine or Genji. We just might list your site on the front page of Aesop Story Engine when the new site goes live!

- Nick Haskins
  • The Anarchy State

    It’s looking good! Must each story have a tag, e.g. “Uncategorized”? Can Twitter or Facebook links be added? Can you have a full-screen picture at the start that the content rolls over when you scroll down, as in the original demo for Aesop? Finally, how many chapter numbers can a single story have? Thanks! Can’t wait to use it.

    • Nick Haskins

      If you don’t want the tags there you can hide them with CSS, or use a child theme to change it. You can add Twitter and Facebook links via 3rd party plugins. There’s built in styling support for Jetpack sharing. Regarding the full-screen picture, this particular theme doesn’t feature that, but will be releasing this feature in an upcoming theme. Lastly, you can have unlimited chapters to a story.