Aesop Funded


You guys did it! WP Engine came in and backed Aesop sending us well over our extended goal. It’s absolutely amazing to see support from just about every major WordPress company out there including @pippinsplugins, @woothemes, @envato, @rebelcompass, @crowdtilt, @chrislema, @chrisplough, and @wpengine. In addition, a very big thank you to everyone who backed and supported Aesop at the lower levels! It’s because of you guys that this thing is going to become a reality and we’re stoked to see that through!

Starting next week, we’ll be working to shore up final development of the plugin, along with getting it ready for submission into the plugin repo. We’ll also be working on designing and building out the first official themes for Aesop, along with business formation, branding, and all the other stuff that comes along with it. All backers will receive exclusive free access to these themes first, before the public.

Again, a big thanks to everyone involved!

- Nick Haskins