Campaign Update


The crowd-funding campaign for Aesop ended at midnight last night, shy of our $15K goal. However, after a few words of encouragement and advice from you guys, it was decided to extend the campaign until Wednesday, and lower the goal to $6k. That means we’re just $200 shy of our goal now, and the reality of Aesop coming to life just got real!

Contribute to the final stretch and help tilt Aesop!

The plans, at least for now, have somewhat changed. Because we did not raise the full amount, there’s a strong chance that the hosted version may not come to fruition. This wasn’t scheduled to happen until the Spring anyways, so there’s still a small chance it will pan out, however focus is being put on finishing the core story engine first.

If you backed Aesop expecting the hosted version, we’re going to make it up to you by either providing you with a couple of free themes when they are released, or simply refunding your contribution. In the end we want to make sure you walk away happy, and we’re going to do everything in our power to make this so. If you’d like an immediate refund please reach out to me and we’ll get you squared away.

Moving Forward

When the campaign closes this Wednesday, we’re going to focus all of our efforts into getting 1.0 of the Story Engine out the door next month. This involves finding a developer to help with a few remaining tasks. This is of course a paying gig, so if you are interested in being a part of Aesop, please reach out to @nphaskins. Although we did not raise the full amount, we did raise enough to finish the development of the story engine itself, along with the development of a couple of themes built specifically for Aesop.

Once Aesop 1.0 is ready, it will be released for free into the plugin repo where everyone can download for free, and receive updates.

In the end, I’m still really, really happy for how this all turned out. Although the hosted version of this may not pan out, the product is coming to life because of YOU, and for that I’m truly grateful. The support and feedback has just been overwhelming, and certainly didn’t see any of this coming as I forfeited Christmas holidays to write the code. It was, and still is, completely worth it. I’m vested in this 100%, and can’t wait to bring you guys a few beautiful themes from either myself, and/or other companies who have backed us.

Until then, stay informed by adding your name to the mailing list for updates, and feel free to add any questions or thoughts below!

P.S. – A very big thanks to everyone including @pippinsplugins, @woothemes, @envato, @rebelcompass, @crowdtilt, @chrislema, @chrisplough and everyone else who has contributed, tweeted, or shared! Thank you!!!

- Nick Haskins
  • Gilbert

    Just a question: Why don’t you keep the funding campaign open? Only heard about your project today. Went to the crowdfunding site. Door closed. How frustrating.

    I am sure I am not the only one.

    You have gathered lots of coverage and praises from influent bloggers, you could still benefit from it.

    Building your own crowdfunding site with Crowdfunding for WordPress by Astoundify, for instance.
    I have never tried it but it seems to be good.
    Or just a simple PayPal “donate” button – not very sexy, for sure, but you don’t have that either so not a pb.

    Another thing: adding a comment on this site isn’t easy, to say the least. Disqus now sistematically wants you to register and create an account with them whether or not you are trying to log in with G+, Facebook or Twitter (“a more streamlined process”, they say !). How annoying.

    I have done so to mention you this lame fact as well. Disqus sucks. If you want to avoid comments, there is no better solution on the market today. If you are not getting much feedback on your site it is most probably because of that. It is just strange that I should be the first to make a comment on this campaign update, don’t you think?

    In any case, keep up the great work on Aesop!
    A brilliant and welcome idea, with a touch of poetry. I have downloaded the plugin, it is impressive. Very easy to use. I truly hope it will grow into something big, inspiring lots of people to use it. I shall definitely be one of them.



    PS: I was about to contribute as a sponsor. I am now reconsidering: contributing in kind with some marketing advice would be better, maybe ? 😉 This is not a joke, if you are interested I would be happy to help.

    • Ben

      Gilbert, is this a comment about Aesop, Disqus, Crowd Funding or just a back handed compliment?